Patrick McSweeny

Ruby Developer

About Me

I develop and design web applications using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I have worked on projects ranging from startups to educational platforms. I am passionate about helping others learn how to program through public speaking and volunteering. I have been the organizer of the Ann Arbor Ruby Brigade since 2014

Sample Projects

Extended Portal
I took over as the primary developer for a custom online learning platform built with Ruby on Rails for the University of Michigan William Davidson Institute. Duties have included adding new features including UI decisions, coding and database changes.
Toledo Tech Events
I helped create a website to serve as an events aggregator for the technology community in Toledo, Ohio. The application is based on an open source project built on top of Ruby on Rails. I worked with an information architecture expert to design a new theme, which I then coded using HTML and CSS. I also added some features to enhance the existing functionality of the project.